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In the world of weddings, elopements have gained tremendous popularity as couples search for intimate and personalized alternatives to traditional nuptials. While the idea of eloping may seem like an exciting and spontaneous idea, careful planning is still crucial to ensure your special day is everything you're hoping for. Before you commit to booking an elopement package it's essential to ask the elopement company representative a few important questions.
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Where are you located?

Try to find a business that is based in the same location that you're eloping. If you're coming from out of town it will be extremely important to have a point of contact with first hand knowledge of the area. Someone who knows about all the unique characteristics of the people and places you are visting. A person who can refer you to businesses that they have used before and with whom they have a personal relationship. Someone who can inform you about things like avoiding traffic from a special event, the best time of year for weather, or where the locals go out to eat. Some elopement companies are actually based out of town or even out of state. They just can't provide the same level of service as a local.

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How long have you been providing elopement Services?

Experience matters! With years of experience come the ability to navigate the intricacies of elopement planning, ensuring that no detail is overlooked. From scouting breathtaking locations to coordinating vendors, logistics, and timelines, an experienced elopement planner possesses the proficiency to handle it all. Their understanding of potential challenges and creative problem-solving skills enable them to overcome any unexpected hurdles that may arise, guaranteeing a stress-free experience for you and your partner. Entrusting your elopement to an experienced planner grants you the freedom to savor every moment.

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Will you be at my Wedding/elopement

When booking your elopement package you should know if you are talking to the person who is ultimately responsible for fullfilling your vision, or if you're just talking to a salesperson who is going to pass your requests on to someone else. It's obviously always better to to speak directly with the person/people who will be providing services on your special day.
WHO WILL BE OFFICIATING MY CEREMONY? Be sure your elopement company can provide you with the name of your officiant, details about their background, an outline or script of their wedding ceremony and their contact info. All of these items are important to ensure that you are matched with an officiant who aligns with your personality and expectations.
WHO WILL MY PHOTOGRAPHER BE? Find out who your photographer will be before booking your elopement package. Just like with the officiant, you should get the photographers name, details about their experience, access to a gallery of their work and their contact info. Your photographs provide a lasting reminder of the commitment and love shared during your intimate celebration. Unless you're just looking to get a few snapshots, you'll want to view the photographers work to ensure the quality is up to your standards and their creative style matches your vision.
Some elopement companies wait until just a few days out to finalize the schedules for their ministers and photographers. In our opinion this is a recipe for disaster. The couple should know who will be providing services at the time of booking.

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What does the package include?

Package details should be clearly listed on the website, but it doesn't hurt to verify what the package includes (and doesn't include) with a conversation before booking. And it's an absolute necessity to get it in writing. You need to have a clear understanding your package specifics so you can assess if it aligns with your desires and vision and if you need to arrange any additional services separately. The more details you get the better. For example, If you're elopement package includes a permit for a ceremony and/or photos in a National Park, ask for a copy of it for your records. Ask for the contact information for all the vendors your elopement coordintator has scheduled for you.

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