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Cades Cove Wedding in the Smoky Mountains
Madeline and Nick - The perfect Gatlinburg Micro Wedding
We decided to get married in Gatlinburg because it offered more affordable wedding options than we could find in Knoxville. We also love the mountains and natural beauty of Gatlinburg! We really liked New Beginnings because....
Cades Cove Wedding in the Smoky Mountains
Renee and David - Romantic Cabin wedding in Pigeon Forge
Love can come at anytime. It doesn't just happen to the young. It's more precious when you are older because you know how it feels and what it's like to be alone. So you tend to appreciate and cherish the fact that you have found love again and want to nurture that....
Cades Cove Wedding in the Smoky Mountains
Whitney and Chuck - Cades Cove Micro-Wedding
When he proposed it was quite the surprise. I worked all day and he convinced me we had to drive back to his dad's house a few hours away to fix the sump pump and plant a tree in memory of his dad. We were digging a hole to plant the tree and we hit a box...
Cades Cove Wedding in the Smoky Mountains
Emily and Ross - Smoky Mountain Elopement
We love the outdoors and love the beauty the Smoky Mountains has to offer, so that's where we decided to get married. I primarily chose New Beginnings Photography because of the awesome locations to choose from. Secondly, I appreciated the fact that I would have a true, professional photographer capturing our wedding day...
Cades Cove Wedding in the Smoky Mountains
Barbara and Phillip - Ely's Mill Gatlinburg Creekside Wedding
We love the mountains and beach. We live by the beach and ride the mountains a lot. What better romantic location to get married than the mountains we love. I spent days searching for the right...
Cades Cove Wedding in the Smoky Mountains
Amanda and Roy - Cades Cove Elopement
The Great Smoky Mountains was one of Roy's favorite places to visit growing up, but Amanda had never been before. After doing some research they decided that LeQuire Field in Cades Cove was the perfect place for their wedding ceremony. About 20 family members traveled to Tennessee to witness their vows on a hot summer day....
Cades Cove Wedding in the Smoky Mountains
Karen and Ricky - Intimate Gatlinburg Wedding
IT WAS LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT, In 1984, late one night in a grocery store parking lot. We dated for a few months on two separate occasions through high school and after, but we just couldn't get on the same page. We were so much alike (and stubborn) that we were constantly arguing and fussing. After the last argument we had, I packed up and moved to Atlanta without telling anyone...
Cades Cove Wedding in the Smoky Mountains
Maria and Marshall - Ely's Mill Gatlinburg Creekside Wedding
We both saw each other in High school everyday but never talked until we were reintroduced officially in person at Meg O’Malleys Irish pub on June 3rd 2016. Our best date had to be when Marshall took me to Clingmans dome and took me on top of a giant rock to look at all of the mountains below...
Cades Cove Wedding in the Smoky Mountains
Amber and Todd - Cades Cove Wedding
After debating on different locations nearby we settled on the Great Smoky Mountains. I've always had a soft spot for the mountains and Todd felt they would hold more memories for us than our other choices...
Wedding in Gatlinburg, TN
Kimberly and Casey - Ely's Mill Gatlinburg elopement
Casey and I met at our church. I'll never forget our first date, it was in the middle of a hurricane. I knew he was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with when I saw my daughter give him a hug for the first time...
Smoky Mountains Wedding
Adrienne and Bo - Smoky Mountain elopement
We met from an online dating site. I was very attracted to his pictures and loved what he had to say. We started texting, then talking for hours every night and I knew from his calming, pleasant voice, his background, and his amazing mind and heart that I truly wanted him in my life...
wedding in Gatlinburg, TN
Elizabeth and Ed - Gatlinburg Cabin Wedding
About 6 months ago he proposed to me under the fireworks in front of several family members at his families farm. We wanted a destination wedding in the continental U.S. Mountains or beaches were our goal but with spring break as our date we opted for mountains, and this lead us to the Smoky Mountains...
Gatlinburg Wedding
Aimee and Dirk - Gatlinburg Elopement
When I first saw his picture on I said, "that one." We messaged back and forth, and it was as if we knew each other our whole lives. Our first face to face meeting was at a park...
Gatlinburg elopement
Lisa and Justin - Smoky Mountain Elopement
We wanted to elope somewhere that was beautiful but not surrounded by people. The only place that we had heard of people eloping was to Las Vegas, and we did't want to go there. We were able to get a good location away from busy downtown Gatlinburg and get close to the Smoky Mountains for our ceremony...
Gatlinburg, Tennessee elopement
Shonda and Lonnie - Elope to Gatlinburg
We met on a dating site 3 years ago. Our first date was on Valentines Day and it was love at first sight for both of us. Lonnie proposed to me 3 years later on Thanksgiving Day at my house. We decided to get married in Gatlinburg, Tennessee because we wanted a small, intimate destination wedding...
Gatlinburg Mountain Wedding
Melissa and Katelyn - Gatlinburg Mountain Wedding
We met at work. At the time, I was a broke college student working part time and she had just transferred to my department. We didn’t talk much at first, but there was one time that I didn’t have money for lunch, and she just happened to have extra food packed that day...
Gatlinburg elopement
Martha and Michael - Cades Cove Wedding
Michael and I met many years ago in high school. We looked at several venues close to home in Tennessee but the Primitive Baptist Church in the Great Smoky Mountains Cades Cove area was the perfect place to join our families.....
Gatlinburg elopement
Lydia and Denton - GAtlinburg Wedding
We met on the river through mutual friends. Denton took us all for a boat ride, then we rode four wheelers all night. We talked and talked that day like we had known each other forever....
Gatlinburg elopement
Jodi and Jimmy - Elope to Gatlinburg
We have always loved the mountains and have been all over the US. But we had never been to the Smoky Mountains. We wanted to go somewhere that was new to both of us to start our journey as husband and wife....
Gatlinburg elopement
Erin and Ryan - Great Smoky Mountains Elopement
Our day couldn't have been more perfect. The clerks office in Sevierville was friendly and helpful. We had a great breakfast and were able to really have quality time with each other. The photographer and minister arrived, and our ceremony was beautiful.....
Gatlinburg elopement
Heather and Eric - Cades Cove Mountain Overlook Elopement
My uncle set up and we went on our first date to dinner and a movie the next week. I knew right away he was the one and we would get married. He is loving and caring, and is so good with my special needs daughter...
Gatlinburg elopement
Renae and Terry - Secluded Creekside Wedding in Gatlinburg, Tennessee
The whole week before our wedding it was raining. I was hopeful that the rain was going to lift for the big day but unfortunately the weather didn't agree. I was stressed about having to have pictures in the rain but my Husband does a great job with calming my anxiety...

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