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Small Wedding Venues in Gatlinburg, TN

Ely's Mill - Secluded Creekside

Rustic charm are the words that best describe this unique small wedding venue. When you arrive, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into the past, transported to a simpler time. As you stroll along the private trail, the stress of wedding planning and modern life melt away. You’re in a special place, where the past whispers through weathered timbers of historic structures and the air is filled with the spirit of romance. Choose to seal your commitment in the wedding pavilion, at the edge of the creek or under the canopy of towering trees. Ely's Mill is more than a wedding venue, it's a romantic oasis where the echoes of the past and the promises of the future converge to create a truly enchanting experience.

  • Up to 25 Guests
  • Ample Parking
  • On site restrooms
  • No additional fees
  • Seating & set up included
  • ADA Accessible
  • Private Location

Mountain View #1

This sanctuary of intimacy transforms your wedding ceremony into a quietly beautiful affair. Awe-inspiring mountains stand as majestic witnesses to your enduring love. The quiet beauty of the surroundings offer you and your partner a private haven that feels far removed from the bustling streets of downtown Gatlinburg. Start This new chapter in your love story against the stunning backdrop of the Smoky Mountains and experience a ceremony where every emotional glance, every trembled voice and every tearful smile creates memories that will linger in your heart forever.

  • Up to 30 guests
  • limited parking for 5 vehicles
  • Restroom on Site
  • Additional fee of $800
  • Seating and set up included
  • Easily accessible
  • Private location

Gatlinburg Overlook

Picture saying 'I do' beneath the expansive sky, surrounded by the mist-kissed peaks of the smoky mountains. Your whispers of love carried by the mountain breeze through the valleys as you declare your commitment to one another. The towering silhouette of Mount LeConte serves as a majestic backdrop, its rugged peaks symbolizing the enduring strength of your love. An intimate union against the backdrop of the Smoky Mountains ensures enduring memories in the heart of Tennessee's breathtaking landscapes.

  • Up to 15 guests
  • Limited parking for 6 vehicles
  • No restrooms on site
  • No additional Fees
  • No seating, you may provide up to 6 chairs
  • Easily accessible
  • Public location

Greenbrier Riverside

Imagine tying the knot beside the rushing waters of a crystal clear Smoky Mountain river. The cascades, flowing over unique rock formations, set the scene for your wedding ceremony at this tranquil location. If you choose to have guests, they can comfortably gather around as you exchange your vows on a gently sloping-to-flat pebble beach clearing at the edge of the water. The lush forest surrounding the clearing and the mountain view in the distance add to this pristine landscape, making it a perfect place to start your marriage.

  • Up to 25 guests
  • Ample parking for 6 vehicles
  • No restrooms on site
  • No additional fees
  • No seating, you may provide up to 6 chairs
  • Short, moderately steep path to access the site
  • Public location

Gatlinburg Chapel

This charming chapel offers a break from the typical Gatlinburg commotion, transforming your small, intimate wedding into an ode to love. As you enter, you’ll immediately realize that it's not about the grandeur but the authenticity. The significance of this moment is amplified by the simplicity of your surroundings, making every word spoken feel like an even stronger sacred promise. Begin your journey together in the embrace of this perfectly understated chapel.

  • Up to 30 guests
  • On site restroom
  • Ample parking
  • No additional fees
  • Seating provided
  • ADA Accessible
  • Private location

Gatlinburg Waterfall

Georgouse private waterfall location just outside of Gatlinburg

  • Up to 20 guests
  • Limited parking for 5 vehicles
  • On site restroom
  • No additional Fee
  • Seating available for a fee
  • Easily Accessible
  • Private Location

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Wedding Packages

All-inclusive packages for small weddings and elopements in Gatlinburg

All-inclusive wedding packages offer a host of practical and emotional benefits that are reshaping the way couples envision their special day. Our packages include comprehensive planning services, relieving couples of the stress associated with trying to organize a wedding from out of town. We’ll secure the ceremony location of your choice and required permits on your behalf, arrange an officiant based on your preferences and provide professional photography that is second to none. Taking advantage of our planning process ensures a seamless and stress-free experience.

Package A - $1100

  • National Park Permit
  • 6 Parking tags
  • Minister's service
  • 1 hour professional photography session
  • Online image gallery
  • Digital Download of all (60+) edited, full resolution images w/ copyright release
  • Personalized wedding Dashboard
  • 50% all digital & print orders for 30 days
  • Package B - $1400

  • National Park Permit
  • 6 Parking tags
  • Minister's service
  • 1 1/2 hour photography session
  • Online image gallery
  • 8x8 deluxe storybook album with 30 images
  • Digital Download of all (80+) edited images w/ copyright release
  • Personalized wedding Dashboard
  • 50% OFF digital & print orders for 30 days
  • Package C - $1700

  • National Park Permit
  • 6 Parking tags
  • Minister's service
  • 2 hour photography session
  • Online image gallery
  • 8x8 deluxe storybook album with 60 images
  • Digital Download of all (110+) edited images w/ copyright release
  • Personalized wedding Dashboard
  • 50% OFF digital & print orders for 30 days
  • Basic - $800

  • National Park Permit
  • 2 Parking tags
  • Minister's service
  • Photography session of ceremony only
  • Personalized online image gallery
  • Digital Download of 20 edited images w/ copyright release
  • Personalized wedding Dashboard
  • 25% OFF digital & print orders over $250 for 30 days

  • Wedding Photography

    A focus on timeless imagery

    Photography isn't just a service we offer, it's our passion and expertise. New Beginnings Photography began as a dedicated photography business, and that focus remains at the core of our everything we do. When you choose us for your wedding or elopement in Gatlinburg, you're not just getting a package, you're getting award-winning photography by Eric Gebhart. Every step of the way, from your initial consultation to the final image delivery, Eric personally oversees every aspect of your experience. Our wedding packages and planning process are meticulously crafted with a photographer's perspective, ensuring that everything is captured beautifully. If photography is the most important aspect of your wedding, then New Beginnings Photography is the best choice for you.

    Gatlinburg Elopements

    Discover the charm of elopements in Gatlinburg, TN.

    Eloping is an ideal option for couples seeking an intimate wedding experience. It’s a deeply personal choice, but if you decide to elope to Gatlinburg you can expect:

    An Intimate Experience
    Eloping in Gatlinburg will allow you to share a deeply personal and intimate experience with each other. A smaller guest list (or no guest list at all) shifts the focus of your big day to the connection shared between you and your partner, creating moments that are truly your own, and that you will cherish for a lifetime.
    A Stress-Free Celebration
    The simplicity of an elopement in Gatlinburg translates to a stress-free celebration of your love. Couples can choose to forego the anxiety of a large wedding, embracing the chance to focus on each other.
    A Memorable Adventure
    Your elopement in Gatlinburg is just the starting point of your memorable adventure together. Extend your celebration by staying in a romantic cabin, exploring the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, or experiencing the sights and sounds of downtown Gatlinburg. Then, with every anniversary trip, return to where it all started. You’ll never run out of things to do. There’s a lifetime of activities to enjoy in the Smoky Mountains.

    Vow renewals in Gatlinburg

    The next chapter in your forever...

    From scenic outdoor locations to charming chapels, couples have plenty of options for a wedding vow renewal ceremony that reflects their unique journey together. New Beginnings Photography simplifies the planning process with vow renewal packages that include your ceremony location, officiant’s service and professional photography. Unlike a wedding ceremony, vow renewals don't typically involve legal requirements. However, according to the letter of the law you are supposed to present the officiant with your original marriage certificate for him to verify your marriage. But most officiants will take your word for it and trust that you are already married.

    gatlinburg wedding packages

    Cabin Weddings

    The ultimate choice for convenience and versatility

    Whether you're considering an intimate elopement or grand wedding with all your friends and family, a cabin wedding could be right for you. There's such a wide variety of cabins in Gatlinburg you’re sure to find one that suits your needs. While on your search here are a few things to keep in mind.

    1. One of the biggest issues with cabin weddings is limited parking. Many cabins are built on the side of a mountain so there is little to no flat area outside. Before making your reservation, be sure there is ample parking.
    2. Many couples choose a cabin for their wedding ceremony because of the beautiful Smoky Mountain Views. When looking at cabin rental pictures online, understand that it’s easy for a photographer to exaggerate the view. If you don’t have a frame of reference there is no way to tell from where the picture was taken. For all you know it could be from the roof or the driveway or even the road. If you look for a part of the building like the deck railing, chairs or a hot tub in the photo along with the mountains you'll have a better idea of the actual view.
    3. Be careful planning a wedding with more guests than the cabin can sleep. Most rental agreements will stipulate that you not have more people in the cabin than it can accommodate at any time, see #1 parking.
    4. If you plan to use the fireplace as the backdrop for your ceremony look closely at it in the photos. TV’s are often mounted above the fireplace. Great for entertaining, not so great for wedding photos.
    5. Most large cabins are designed for entertaining with large open common areas. With a little creativity and carefully moved furniture the living room can be converted into a very nice ceremony and/or reception space. Don’t worry about your photos having reflections in large, glass window walls. We can handle that!

    Weddings in The Great Smoky Mountains

    Experience the Magic of a Smoky Mountain wedding

    One of the most compelling reasons for getting married in the Smoky Mountains is the breathtaking natural beauty that surrounds you. This is one of the oldest mountain ranges in the entire world. Lush forests, cascading creeks and layer upon layer of rugged ridges create a truly unique landscape that captivates the senses and provides an epic backdrop for your wedding ceremony. The Smokies are also easily accessible compared to other National Parks in the U.S.. Hiking is not required to access the best places to get married. Couples can choose a setting that matches their wedding vision, including overlooks with majestic views, mountain rivers and creeks, historic cabins, barns and churches, and cascading waterfalls.

    Finding a good, local wedding coordinator is key when planning a wedding in the Smokies. They will be able to point out special considerations unique to the area that you may have not otherwise planned for. An experienced Smoky Mountain wedding planner will be able to identify and address potential problems before they arise, including:

    Gatlinburg wedding in the smoky mountains

    Wedding officiants & Ministers

    Gatlinburg's best officiants for your perfect day

    Most couples who decide to travel to Tennessee for a destination wedding or elopement are looking for an officiant who will perform a simple yet meaningful ceremony. During the last 20 years we’ve met some of the best officiants who perform that ype of ceremony. Along this journey we’ve seen short, 2 minute ceremonies (literally 120 seconds) and 30 minute ceremonies that would be better suited for a traditional church wedding. We’ve also met all kinds of wedding officiants, some of whom take the word “perform” to a ridiculous level, sounding more like a game show host or cartoon character than an officiant.

    Each of our officiants obviously have their own personality, but they all:

    Gatlinburg Marriage license

    Where to get your marriage license in Gatlinburg

    No matter which state you live in, to be legally married in Gatlinburg you’ll need to obtain a Tennessee marriage license. It’s easier to get than in many other states. You’ll have all the information you need in your wedding dashboard when you book with New Beginnings. Here are a few key points to remember.

    1. You can your marriage license from any county in Tennessee
    2. Sevier county is the only county that offers a $60 discount to out of state residents
    3. In Gatlinburg you can get your marriage license at the Schilling Center - 405 Reagan Drive, Gatlinburg, TN. 37738
    4. You can NOT get a marriage license at Gatlinburg City Hall - 1230 East Parkway
    5. It’s not required, but it is highly recommended to pre-apply for your license online

    gatlinburg wedding packages

    Affordable Weddings

    Why are weddings in Gatlinburg so affordable?

    Cheap, inexpensive, affordable, economical. Call it what you want, Gatlinburg is one of the best places to get married for couples on a budget.

    It's easy to get here
    For starters, Gatlinburg is within a days drive for over 60% of the U.S. population. So the majority of couples are saving money before they even get here.
    Affordable lodging options
    You'll find a wide range of lodging options for you and your guests, from inexpensive hotels to high end lodging. Keep in mind that a luxury cabin can cost roughly the same as a hotel when the cost is split between multiple families. Another benefit of staying in a cabin is that you can cook at least some of your own meals in the full size kitchen rather than eating out for every meal.
    Competitive pricing
    And finally we get to the actual wedding services. Gatlinburg has been a popular wedding destination for decades. The sheer number of weddings consistently taking place here year after year has attracted a healthy amount of competition which has led to quite competitive pricing.
    No sales tax on services
    The state of Tennessee doesn’t impose sales tax on services which can be a significant advantage to couples planning to get married. As you know, wedding costs add up quickly so avoiding unnecessary costs like sales tax will stretch your budget.

    Gatlinburg wedding receptions

    The best places for a small reception or dinner in Gatlinburg

    Gatlinburg is primarily a family destination so most restaurants cater to them. Historically, “fancy” restaurants have struggled to thrive in this area. For that reason there aren’t very many upscale restaurants. But here are a few great restaurants worth mentioning.

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